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BASIC HAIR CARE Wash set roll / blow dry / iron Hair cut / treat the end Hair design Hair style

Hair Model

NATURAL HAIR CARE Deep condition / Mask Frizz remover Product Color Protect Product Diva curl Product Wave definition Special cut for kinky hair Silk press iron

Luscious Curls

HAIR CARE Our hair care services we divide in; Quimic Processing hair include: Keratine Botox Sellagem Scova Progressive Wave nouveau Alkaline / Acid Permanent wave Hot / Cold Permanent wave Relaxer real not lye relaxer/sodium free Hair Smooth Color application Color changes with olaplex All our product for wash set are paraben free and sulfate free, silicon free!!!

brazilian knot

BRAZILIAN The "Brazilian Knot" method is excellent for your hair because it doesn't damage it, the method is weightless, doesn't include hot or cold glue, metals, braiding in or sewing, and as a matter of fact helps your hair grow underneath.This method involves attaching hair extensions to your individual strands by way of wrapping an elastic thread. This method is ideal on hair that is straight or wavy, due to minimal tangling at the root. It looks 100% natural and much like your own hair!

Micro Ring extensions

MICRO RINGS EXTENSIONS Micro Rings are also connected by strands, they are attached to your hair using small rings. Lasts up to 3 months too. Undetectable to the naked eye also the hair is perfectly matched to look like your real hair’s texture. The rings are matched to your hair color, applied strand by strand like fusion but without using resin or bonding glue. The extensions will feel and wear like your own hair and you should treat it like it's yours.

Sew in extensions

MALAYSIAN WEAVE & SEW-IN Malaysian weave method is very nice way to add volume to your hair. It lays flat to your scalp and it looks very natural Sew-in Method- A sew-in weave is adding hair extensions by creating a foundation with nice firm braids that lay very flat. Then braiding hair weft to the braid to achieve desired style. This method last 3 to 4 months with proper maintenance. We do not recommend keeping it in any longer than that.

swedish technique

THE SWEDISH The Swedish Technique is specifically suited for women with fine hair because it uses a single thread and eye-lash wefted hair to create a super flat, and extreme natural look. Many techniques of hair extension were developed in the African-American community at a time when thin hair was not nearly as common. In fact, due to the thickness of most African-American women's hair there wasn't a need for extremely flat hair extensions.

brasilian hair extension

FUSION Fusion hair extension is attached using the best keratin glue that will not damage your hair. Last up to 6 Months.


CROCHÉ Croché hair extensions are connected by using a croche needle to effectively knot your hair with the weave in a seamless way.

hair for sale

We also SELL natural hair for all kind of extesions.

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